Invention of Landscape Painting as a Genre, Holland, 1590 -1664 and the First European Tradition of Paintings of Land that Did Not Relegate its Depiction to the Background.

Pieter Dircksz van Santvoort, Landscape with Farmhouse and Country Road, 1625

Pieter Molijn, Dunescape with Trees and Wagon, 1626

The term landscape comes from:

     landshaft — German

     landshap — Dutch

     landskip — English 

lendh2- open land, heath, prairie; skep- to cut, scrape, to hack, form, creation (<“cutting”): shape.

The inception of landscape painting coincides with the dates of landscaping.

General Notes: Landscape and Power, Edited by W. J. T. Mitchell, Chicago, 2nd Ed. 2002, pp. 35-76

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